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Dam Safety Forms

Change of Ownership Form
The owner of any dam subject to the Safety of Dams and Reservoirs Act shall notify the department of any change in the ownership of the dam.

Application for Approval of Plans for Dams
To receive Department approval, an application accompanied with engineering plans must be submitted.

Certifications for Plans
Plans submitted to the Department must include an applicant’s and an engineer’s certification.

Construction Certification
Upon completion of a project, the owner shall file with the Department a construction certification form.

Plans for Farm Pond Dams Constructed Before 2005
This two page form to be completed by an engineer may be submitted as plans for farm pond dams constructed before September 4, 2005.

Permit to Impound Water
If the reservoir will impound more than 15 acre-feet below the lowest open overflow, a Permit to Impound Water is required.   More information can be found on the Department’s Surface Water Rights Page.

Petition for Waiver of Outlet Works
All dams are required to have an outlet works. The Department may waive the requirement for an outlet works if the owner of the dam has an acceptable alternative method for passing water.  For the Department to consider a waiver, a petition for waiver of outlet works must be filed and accompanied by the filing fee.