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Current Mapping Projects

Current floodplain maps are available in several formats including Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps, Paper Flood Insurance Rate Maps, Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps, and NDNR's Digital Work Maps. There are several sources to access current floodplain information and display current floodplain maps.

Current Project Resources

The Wahoo PMR Resources can be found here.

NDNR's Interactive Floodplain Map

  • This interactive map displays current Effective and Preliminary FIRM floodplains, NDNR Work Map floodplains, Base Flood Elevation requests, political boundaries, aerial photos, and more.
  • In addition, the map layers may have other data linked to them (accessible by the ‘map identify’ icon at the top of the map). Examples of data linked may include: current floodplain administrator information, links to pdf versions of DFIRMs, and community-specific National Flood Insurance Program information.
  • Instructions for navigating the interactive floodplain map and accessing it are available here:

Current Floodplain Maps Available

NDNR tracks current maps by availability, and produces current mapping status summaries every time a map status changes. There are several key mapping phases that NDNR tracks in their mapping status updates: Unmapped areas, Effective FIRMs digital, Effective FIRMs paper, Preliminary Maps, Digital NDNR Work Maps, FIRM Data Development, and Work Map Data Development. Effective Map areas, digital or paper, indicate where FEMA has published FIRMs for the purpose of communicating flood risk and regulating flood insurance rates; these may be available in digital or paper-only formats. FEMA maps go through a commentary phase prior to becoming an Effective Map. It is during this comment phase that the maps are said to be “Preliminary,” because they could change due to comments or technical data received. Digital Work Maps are produced by NDNR for the purpose of providing the best available flood risk information to communities. When maps are in the process of being revised or mapped for the first time, NDNR shows those areas as either “FIRM Maps in Development” or “Work Maps in Development” depending upon if they are FEMA or NDNR produced projects.

Current News about Mapping Projects

  • NDNR is developing several mapping projects at this time. NDNR is partnering with FEMA to produce DFIRMs for the City of Wahoo in what is called a Physical Map Revision (PMR). The PMR is a map change process that will combine new detailed studies produced using current elevation information, hydrologic data, and hydraulic modeling.
  • In addition, NDNR is producing digital Work Maps for Nemaha and Richardson Counties. These projects will incorporate new approximate studies completed by NDNR and detailed studies completed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in 2007. The mapping will be completed as time allows at NDNR.
  • Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District (NRD) is also a FEMA CTP. The NRD is working with the USACE and FEMA to update floodplains in the Big-Papillion-Mosquito Watershed. This project is part of the Risk MAP program and includes 147 miles of new detailed study. The mapping is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. Please contact The Papio-Missouri River NRD for more information about this project. Click here to visit the Papio-Missouri River NRD Website: