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Source:         Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
NHD Coverage:   Geographic Projection
Date As of:     March, 2010

The National Hydrography Database (NHD) is a comprehensive set of digital spatial data that contains information about surface water features such as lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, springs and wells. The NHD interconnects and uniquely identifies the stream segments or reaches that make up the Nation’s surface water features, their attribution, their connectivity in a flow network, and an addressing system of linking additional related data known as events. Each reach in this framework is referenced by a permanent feature identifier known as a reach code. Each linear reach is also segmented into linear addresses measured along the reach. The USGS is the authority for reach codes and measures. Because the NHD provides a consistent framework for addressing and analysis, water-related information linked to reach addresses by one organization (national, state, local) can be shared with other organizations and easily integrated into many different types of applications to the benefit of all.

This is one of the base datasets established by the Nebraska GIS Steering Committee.

Metadata (for all NHD coverages)

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Statewide NHD for Nebraska: The NHD is available as a complete statewide dataset. This data is extracted from the national dataset at intervals of approximately 6 months to 1 year. Although it is not likely to be the most current dataset, it provides a larger coverage area for a wide array of applications.
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NHD Derivatives include statewide coverage of perennial streams and canals. This is extracted from the statewide NHD and is suitable for smaller-scale applications. These data have been “interpreted” and in some cases do not exactly match the NHD that it was derived from.
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The most current NHD data can be acquired from USGS at:

NHD Stewardship

The Department of Natural Resources and the US Geological Survey are committed to developing and maintaining the highest quality NHD data possible however, natural resources change over time and errors may exist in the NHD from the development process. These imperfections may affect the utility of the NHD. Errors encountered while using the NHD should be reported to the Department so we can address them in a timely fashion.

To report an error in or to suggest an update to an NHD sub basin, go to NHD Data Maintenance