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Director's office   Julie Ward   402-471-2366
Water Rights & Adjudications   Mike Thompson   402-471-0587
Floodplain & Dam Safety   Shuhai Zheng   402-471-3936
Water Planning & Integrated Management   Jennifer Schellpeper   402-471-0586
Groundwater Registration   Mike Thompson   402-471-0587
Field Offices   Jeremy Gehle   402-471-3933
Natural Resources Commission Funds   Kent Zimmerman   402-471-0575
Personnel and Financial Management   Jill Richters   402-471-3947
Legal   LeRoy W. Sievers   402-471-1113
Data Bank   Steve Rathje   402-471-3965
Public Records Requests   Susan France   402-471-1684
DNR Website   Kim Menke   402-471-3939

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The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
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