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Interactive Map Information

General Map Information

The Floodplain Interactive Map is a public mapping service in which users can find flood risk information including flood zones, Flood Insurance Rate Maps, Letter of Map Changes, and much more. The Map is intended for a broad audience from floodplain administrators to the general public. The following is a guide to how to use this map.

Tools and Tips

The Interactive Map contains several different sets of tools which allow the user to obtain the most relevant Floodplain information for a given area.

The main toolbar above the map includes several tabs with various tools for searching, nagivating the map, finding information, printing, drawing and making measurements.

The Common Map Tools button contains tools that are used the most often, and also allow the user to open or close the tabbed toolbar.

The Identify tool allows the user to define a given search area and provides information related to that location including Flood Insurance Rate Maps, Flood Insurance Studies, Letters of Map Change, etc.

The Change visible map layers button allows the user to turn layers on and off, or display additional layers such as imagery.

The Show Legend button allows the user to view the symbology currently displayed on the interactive map.

The Search by Address tool allows the user to view floopdplain information for a given area by entering a valid address.

The Search Community tool allows the user to view floopdplain information for a given area by selecting a community or county name from the menu.

The Search Using GPS Coordinates tool allows the user to view floopdplain information for a given area by entering valid GPS Coordinate information.

The Print Map tool allows the user to print the the information currently displayed on the interactive map and includes a title, scale, and legend.

Detailed help on using the map can be found in the Help and Documentation and Quick Start Guide.

For help on the HTML Viewer see the HTML Quick Start Guide.

Map Contents

The Layers panel contains all layers of information that are available for the interactive map. Layers may display at different map extents, therefore some layers may not siplay until zooming to or searching for a particular area of interest.

Interactive Map Contents
Layer Contents
Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA), Letter of Map Revision based on Fill (LOMR-F), and other LOMCs
Areas in which a floodplain administrator or community official has requested a BFE
Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) panels that are available for the current map extent
Mapped flood zones for an area with a digital, effective FIRM
Flood zones in maps that are in preliminary status
Mapped flood zones for an area with a paper effective FIRM

Flood Awareness Zones

NDNR Work Maps, which are maps created by NDNR for communities but are not FIRMs

Effective Map Date

Effective date of the FIRM (or most recent effective map type)


Outlines of the community boundaries, including the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ)


Displays Nebraska sections with township and range.

Imagery/Imagery Hybrid

Various aerial photography layers including a Hybrid Imagery with road information


OpenStreet Basemap service containing basic layers of map information