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The goals of the integrated management process are to ensure a balance between water supplies and uses and to protect the rights of existing users of surface water and groundwater. The Integrated Water Management Division provides the technical expertise and the planning and coordination to ensure the successful implementation of the integrated management process.

Water Planning and Integrated Management Activities

Activities by Basin | NRD Activities | Statewide Water Planning

Activities by Basin

For information about the integrated water management activities in a particular area, click on the corresponding river basin on the map below.

Clickable Statewide Basin Map

White-Hat Basin Niobrara Basin Missouri Tributaries Basin Upper Platte Basin Lower Platte Basin Republican Basin Blue Basin Nemaha Basin

Blue | Lower Platte | Missouri Tributaries | Nemaha | Niobrara | Republican | Upper Platte | White-Hat

NRD Activities

Information about the integrated water management activities of specific natural resources districts (NRDs) is now located on the pages for the basins where NRD planning activities occur (accessible via the map above).

Not sure which basin your NRD is in? View NRD boundaries.

Statewide Water Planning

For information about water management activities that apply statewide, please visit Statewide Water Planning.

Water Matters

Water Matters is the Integrated Water Management Division's occasional newsletter that explains and explores topics related to integrated water management in an approachable way.